The SMOKIN’ book ‘Inside The Masks Magic’ by Danny Stewart needs your assistance ( @dannythewildboy )

Writer Danny Stewart has been putting together a fantastic sounding book about 1994’s Jim Carrey starring film The Mask. 

Inside The Mask’s Magic tells the story of how “The Mask” evolved from a Dark Horse Comic Book about a supernatural Mask that grants its wearers superpowers to becoming one of the greatest superhero comedy films of all time. Key cast and crew look back on the thrills and challenges of working on the movie, while the talented team of effects artists at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and Dream Quest Images reveal how the various effects, such as The Tasmanian Devil, the Tex Avery Wolf, and the Milo Mask dog, were realized. The book also includes photos from Set Decorator Ellen Totleben.

The book has been independently written and Danny needs some help to secure legal payments for the book. So he can release it to the world. For everyone who donates, Danny says he will make sure they receive special thanks inside the book.
One thing to remember about any form of crowdfunding is that every little helps so chip in what you can! Danny will hugely appreciate it. The total goal that Danny needs to pay is £5000) but he has set the GoFundMe initially at £2000.
Now I know for a fact that Danny works really hard on whatever project he works in and so this book isn’t going to be any less crammed with wonderful information about The Mask. Over on the GoFundMe page (the link is at the bottom of this article) Danny has listed the interviews that he has inside this as yet unreleased book.  So I’ve taken the liberty of pinching that list to show off here for you (I’m sure Danny doesn’t mind) 
1. Interview with Director Chuck Russell
2. Interview with Director Photography John R. Leonetti
3. Actress Amy Yasbeck’s (“Peggy”) Memories –
4. Assistant Cameraman Steve Ullman’s Memories
5. A Brief E-mail Interview with Editor Arthur Coburn
6. Interview with Visual Effects Artist Steve “Spaz” Williams (ILM)
7. Interview with Digital Effects Artist Joe Alter (ILM)
8. Interview with Visual Effects Art Director Benton Jew (ILM)
9. Actor Orestes Matacena (“Niko”) Talks About His Role
10. Thomas L. Bellissimo (Special Effects Coordinator) Shares a Story
11. Interview with Digital Roto and Paint Artist Craig Clark
12. A Brief Interview with Chief Sculptor Richard Miller
13. A Brief Interview with Actor Nils Allen Stewart (“Orlando”)
14. Interview with Visual Effects Supervisor Scott Squires (ILM)
15. Interview with Actor Eamon Roache (“Mr. Dickey”)
16. Interview with Digital Effects Artist Wade Howie (ILM)
17. Three Questions with Actor Ben Stein (“Dr. Neuman”)
18. Interview with CG Animator Stewart W. Lew (ILM)
19. Interview with Cloud Visual Effects Artist Gary Platek
20. Assistant Prop Master Brent Mannon Looks Back
21. Computer Graphics Artist Stefan Fangmeir’s (ILM) Memories
22. Interview with Visual Effects Supervisor Jon Farhat
23. Interview with Visual Effects Technical Director Euan K. MacDonald (ILM)
24. Shane T. Anderson’s (Stunts) Memories
25. Interview with Computer Graphics Sequence Supervisor Ellen Poon (ILM)
26. Interview with Graphic Artist Christophe Hery (ILM)
27. Interview with Creator Special Makeup Greg Cannom
28. Interview with Best Boy Grip Tim Day
29. Steadicam Operator Bruce Alan Greene on the Film
30. Interview with Actor Tim Bagley (“Irv”)
31. Actor Johnny Williams (“Burt”) Reflects on the Film
32. Donna Keegan’s (Stunts) Memories
33. Interview with Head Animal Trainer Steve Berens
34. Interview with Production Designer Craig Stearns
35. Interview with Set Designer Ellen Totleben
36. Christopher Gilman’s (Prop Masks and Mask Effects) Memories
37. Actor Peter Wick’s (Uncredited Extra) Memories

So now you’ve read that huge list, and learned a little bit more about what Danny has been working on, perhaps its times to donate or at least share his GoFundMe page.

You can find out more, and donate to Danny’s GoFundMe HERE

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