Graham Humphreys’ stunning poster art for Arrow Video FrightFest 2022 is unveiled ( @FrightFest )

When I think of Frightfest, I think of the movies they showcase, they guests they have in attendance (and because much has been virtual over the past couple of years) I think of the virtual interviews ive been lucky enough to be granted. However always one of the highlights for me when I think of Frightfest is the stunning artwork Graham Humphrey’s  and its that time of year when we get to see a new beautiful creation by Graham in the run up to the 2022 festival. This is Grahams 14th appearance and as previous years art has been, it looks fantastic!

 Graham revealed : “The predominant theme is a celebration of past ‘trophy’ films. I took my inspiration references from an old paperback cover ‘Vincent Price presents: The Price of Fear’, in which Vincent’s head is depicted mounted on a wooden shield. It seemed the perfect way to represent the films, with key portraiture represented as mounted heads. Rather than mount the head of the regular FrightFest monster, I thought it would be fun to turn him into the roaring lion of MGM’s familiar mascot!”

This year’s annual Bank Holiday event, the UK’s largest celebration of genre cinema, takes place at Cineworld Leicester Square and The Prince Charles Cinema. between Thurs Aug 25 & Mon Aug 29, 2022.

This year’s line-up of films will be announced on Thursday 14th July at 2pm BST. | FB: /FrightFestreal | Twitter: @frightfest | IG: @frightfestUK 

#ARROWFRIGHTFEST | FB: /ArrowVideo | Twitter: @ArrowFilmsVideo | IG: @ArrowVideo

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