Hypericum Films add Eric Roberts as the antagonist to new British indie horror thriller ‘Minacious’. ( @HypericumFilms )

Hypericum Films have announced that Eric Roberts, one of Hollywood’s hardest working actors will play the role of the antagonist in their new British Independent Horror thriller ‘Minacious’. 

The film is about a customer service agent who while working from home is terrorized by a dissatisfied psychopathic caller. 

‘Minacious’ also stars Sarah Alexandra Marks, Meghan Adara, Amber Doig-Thorne and Dani Thompson.

The film is being produced by Daniel Vallecillo and writer/director Richard Anthony Dunford, the feature film is currently in post production and scheduled to be unleashed on the international film festival circuit in September 2022. I cant wait to see it! ive been a fan of Dani Thompsons for years now and with the addition of Eric Roberts the cast list of looking great

For more updates, give Hypericum Films a Twitter follow here https://twitter.com/HypericumFilms of you can head to their official website here www.hypericumfilms.com 

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