Handling stress in high-stress situations ‘Stronger by Stress’ A Biohacking Documentary gets March 8 Release

Leverage the science of stress adaptation and become more resilient in your everyday life in Stronger by Stress, coming this March from Gravitas Ventures.

With conventional medicine struggling to keep up with our ever-increasing stress, biohackers show us their holistic approach to life not only increases a resilience against stress but also helps us to perform on higher level.

If there is one thing the past year and a half has taught us, then it is that unexpected events and chaotic situations are bound to happen. No matter how advanced we think we are as a species, there is always something unpredictable that could cripple us as not only individuals but as an entire society. It is not a matter of if but when. We can’t do much about preventing these events from happening – we can only prepare for them in advance.

Humans and other life forms have developed complex systems for dealing with environmental stressors.

In fact, these pathways actually make us more resilient against the same kind of stress in the future. Thus, we become stronger by the stress we experience.

The biological phenomenon to describe this is called ‘hormesis’, which is a dose-specific response to a particular toxin or stressor that does have a weakening effect on the body but leads to adaptation and super-compensation afterwards.


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