Trevor Hayward announces start date for his latest short ‘Alone’ ( @director_sdv )

Writer Director Trevor Hayward has announced that his latest short film ‘Alone’ begins film this month. Whilst not too much is known at the moment about the films sttoryline, Trevor did announced that “It’s to highlight Mental Health but of course serves as a story too.”    The films cast will feature Mark Preston, whos previous film credits include appearances in Rise of the Footsoldier:Origins, Agatha Raisin, and Once Upon A Time In London, also Alone will feature Elisha Rose Rowley whose past appearances include TV;s The Royals, Parasitus, and is currently filming Advent which is due to be released in 2022.

As always with a Trevor Hayward/ project, there is a wonderful secrecy veil across any spoiler details but I have already added Alone to my watch list when it drops into the screens What we do know is that it is rumoured that ‘Alone’ will be the first of several short films that Trevor and producer Paul Allen will be working in through 2022. 

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