The online horror event from Mycho returns with MYCON 21 ( @MychoPictures )

The online Shared Horror Universe event of the year is returning for another HUGE list of announcements, events and shows based on and around your favourite Modern Horror characters!!!

Join Mycho on September 17 – 19 as we unleash new films, games, comics, toys and more and celebrate the 17TH Anniversary of Mycho at…MYCON 21!


A weekend of events and announcements based on and around the Mycho Universe. Including:

Live Shows from Reel Horror & Gritty Reboots

Live Panels for our up and coming movie Projects

Announcements of BRAND NEW Mycho games, toys and more.

You can Find out more at


To celebrate their 17th Anniversary, Mycho have created a special Limited-Edition collection of 90’s inspired shirts to keep you looking RAD during the Birthday Bash this September!

There is also a sticker collection featuring exclusive single character designs of your Mycho favourites. Including; Thorn, Cleaver, Molly and Jacob Jakushi!!

Not only that, but joining the Radical Collection is the Radical Red Collection. A collection of shirts featuring a crimson copy of the anniversary art and a NEW and Exclusive RED Mycho Hoodie!!!



After that they are GONE FOREVER!!! Don’t miss out.

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