Paul Andrew Williams thriller ‘Bull’ reveals poster and trailer.Starring Neil Maskell, David Hayman and Tamzin Outhwaite ( @CorestarPaul @mouthwaite )

Ever since I saw 2006’s London to Brighton, I knew that Writer Director Paul Andrew Williams was a filmmaker to keep an eye on, and I wasn’t wrong.

London To Brighton was Paul’s first feature film and to this day remains one of my favourite films and most certainly one of my favourite UK films and with a cast of at the time, unknown names (to me) and a storyline that pushes the envelope of what you could show in a thriller, this film is one that has to be seen and blew me away at the time (and still does now, whenever I revisit the film) 

Following up from that, Paul Andrew Williams gave the world crime horror comedy The Cottage (2008) and home invasion drama Cherry Tree Lane, (2010)  before changing direction with the super sweet film Song for Marion (also known as Unfinished Song) featuring Terence Stamp as the widower who honors his recently deceased wife’s passion for performing by joining the unconventional local choir to which she used to belong. Lovely film, but get the hankies ready!

Over the years Paul carried on delivering quality project after quality project and also never held back with the much needed seriousness add toughness that the films needed such as the true life stories Murdered By My Boyfriend (2014)  and Murdered For Being Different (2017)  which are really hard to watch, but as well they should be. Paul then spent a few years helming TV mini series such as episodes of Broadchurch (2017) , Strangers (2018) , and A Confession (2019)  before the news broke that Paul was headed to another feature film, and this is where the point of this article comes into play.

Signature Entertainment now has international sales rights as well as the  UK distribution on Paul’s soon to be released revenge thriller Bull, Looking to be a tough thriller (and I don’t doubt that)  Paul Andrew Williams is back in the writing and directing chair for this Neil Maskell starrer which also features Tamzin Outhwaite, Kellie Shirley, and David Hayman in his wonderful cast list. 

Bull will take us into the world of a former gang enforcer (played by Maskell) who, after a 10 year absence, comes back to his former stomping ground to even up a few scores left unresolved. The film is due for release later in 2021 

According to the Deadline article  Paul Andrew Williams stated “Bull is a story I have wanted to tell for a while and, despite its violence, has a strong emotional pull with a father’s love for his son at the centre of it. I think we have made a really cracking film with two fearless central performances from Neil and David. We made this under exceptionally challenging circumstances during a worldwide pandemic, and I am very grateful for the commitment and hard work from all the cast and crew.”

To say that Bull is on my top anticipated films of the year is a huge understatement.  Paul is on a very short list of filmmakers who in my opinion has delivered 100% quality with every single project I have seen of theirs. There’s no pressure there Paul! Empire also recently had the exclusive reveal of the trailer which you can see here in this article and also read the Empire article here 

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