3 crew, 2 Iphones, 12 Days, 1 Road Trip, makes for a gem of a film in Threshold. ( @PowellSundae @JoeyMillin @Maddie_the_G @JustYoungEnough )

Kiss your fingernails goodbye this spring, as ARROW announces the premiere of the truly creepy – and darkly funny – horror road movie THRESHOLD.  It will release on ARROW in the UK, US and Canada May 3rd but having recently watched the film whilst attending the virtual edition of Grimmfest, I can share my non spoiler thoughts here. I debated whether to mention some behind the scenes details about this film or whether to talk about Threshold purely based on the story that is on screen. In the end I decided that I would mention some of the ways this film was put together as it makes the film even smarter than what you see on screen. (that’s not saying that the onscreen threshold isnt smart)   On screen we see the story of Leo (played by Joey Millin) and Virginia (played by Madison West ) siblings who take a cross country road trip to bond with each other and also to shake off what Leo thinks is his sisters Drug addiction.  Virginia swears she hasnt taken any drugs for months and is in fact ‘cursed’ but Leo has his doubts. 

Threshold was filmed during a 12 day road trip, using 2 iPhones, and only a road crew of 3 people and you really cant tell. If you let someone know you were planning on putting together a film this way with just 2 phones I suspect eyebrows would be raised and low expectations would be brought into play, but the crew of Threshold have done a fantastic job and the film not only looks great, but it sounds great (and with a great score by Nick Chuba) , its wonderfully edited ( by William Ford-Conway) and captures great dramatic performances featuring a wide range of locations.

Everything you want from a film. Whilst there more than just the two main characters in the film, the film does certainly belong to Joey Millin and Madison West as the two close but also distanced siblings. Even scenes that involve no tension, or horror elements, are still engaging to watch as they share memories, laughs, and talks of Zamboni’s A thoroughly engaging and genuine story can be found here and on I loved spending time with these characters

We are most certainly rewarded if horror is what we seek, this film is tense when it needs to be, creepy as hell when it needs to be, but also balances those scenes and atmosphere with very tender moments which helps us care about the characters more than we would if this was just a run of the mill horror flick. I very much recommend checking out Threshold when you can

Directed by Powell Robinson, Patrick R. Young and written by Patrick R. Young I watched  Threshold at this years Eater Horror Nights, brought to you by Grimmfest. and highly recommend checking the film out where and when you can. 


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