Aquaslash takes you on a fun ride and delivers in buckets! #filmtwitter ( @frightfest )

A super fun love letter to some of the classic slasher movies ,’Aquaslash’ shows up, introduces itself, and takes you a fun 70 minute ride and then runs off, but is a fun ride whilst it lasts. Filled with athlete jocks and stunning girls,The Wet Valley Water Park welcomes the graduating high school class of 2018 in all their unleashed libido glory. However, in the midst of the ribald romping revels, a black-gloved murderer is tinkering with the water slides and sabotaging the swimming pools. Thrills, chills, spills and screwball comedy meet splashy shocks and gory dismemberment in a chlorine and blood drenched murder mystery .

For those who are a little bit shocked at the level of voyeurism in the film, get over it! This is what some of the classic slasher films were like, and the filmmakers behind Aquaslash clearly love their genre, the film is super lean,wonderfully paced and does deliver on the buckets (or rather pools) of blood that horror fans will hope for.  The film also is part character drama with the teens getting drunk, taking drugs and generally acting like its spring break so the film is a fun mix of two worlds.

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