Desire, fear and escapism. ‘ To Nowhere ‘ a film written and directed by Sian Astor-Lewis, starring Lillit Lesser, Josefine Glaesel and Orlando Seale. ( @To_Nowhere_Film ) #supportindiefilm

To Nowhere is a dark coming-of-age feature film about two troubled teenage friends—Tulip (played by Lillit Lesser ) and Finn (played by Josefine Glæsel  who spend a day hanging around a lonely corner of London on an alcohol-fuelled, chaotic journey-to-nowhere. While timid Tulip tries to express her burning love for Finn, Finn lashes out at the world around to cover up a secret that has destroyed her soul. As the day turns into night, their carefree fun and games change into a sadistic power play, and control is soon lost  and their once strong relationship unravels, truths emerge and things get grim . When the two girls find a couple of fetish masks, their false facades are torn apart, and they are forced to confront what’s beneath.

That is the premise of To Nowhere, a film that has been shot and edited.but now is currently raising funds to complete the film and get it out into the world. As is the norm with funding campaigns, the crew behind the film have a wonderful range of perks and treats for those kind sou;s who pitch into help finish this wonderfully dramatic film and get it to our screen .

Click the link below to learn more and donate if you can.  Also give their official Twitter page a follow and help build their audience.

To Nowhere is written and directed by Sian Astor-Lewis

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