Who is Charlotte? How can you help? ( @charlotte_movie ) #supportindiefilm #movies

Meet Charlotte, a teenager who doesnt have the happiest life., shes often fends for herself, left alone in the days and nights, her parents not paying too much attention to her.  One night…Charlotte is locked out of her house and knocks on a strangers door. Is this a good idea? We shall find out when the film airs, however with the filmmakers promising a deep psychological thriller which fans of films such as I Spit On Your Grave, Hard Candy and Last House On The Left, will adore. I sense that her knocking on the strangers door is most definitely not going to be a good idea either for Roy (the stranger) or for Charlotte.

Written and Directed by Martin Hardwick.

Starring Georgia Conlan as ‘Charlotte’  & Tony Goodall as ‘Roy’


The team are currently running an Indiegogo to raise funding for the film and would love your article shares, tweets, comments etc and of course donations of any size at all to help raise the funding needed to complete the film. You can head to their Indiegogo page to learn more and donate.

Click here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/charlotte-feature-film#/


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