get ready for some Madness In The Method, a gold plated movie with a million percent heart from director @Jaymewes

Straight from the first moments of Madness In The Method, I knew I was in for a different style of performance from actor Jason Mewes. I had seen Jason in a lot of films over the years, from the first time in Kevin Smith’s breakout hit ‘Clerks’ through his journey through the View Askew films but I had also seen Jason in non Kevin Smith films such as UK horror film Devils Tower so I knew there was more to the man than the persona that we have seen many times (but which is still just as wonderful) on his more comedic roles.  It was great to hear a couple of years ago that Jason Mewes was taking the next step in his film career and trying on the Directors Hat for his first feature film Madness In The Method., Written by Dominic Burns and Chris Anastasi. Madness In The Method is a perfect blend of horror, comedy and drama with Jason Mewes, the director having put a film that clearly he has put in a million percent heart and come up with a gold plated movie filled with performances from talented actors from a whole range of genre films that we have seen over the years.

Never mind Avengers Assemble, How about putting the likes of Stan Lee (Mallrats), Zach Gallighan (Gremlins), Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club), Jake West (director of Evil Aliens), Dean Cain (Lois & Clark:The Adventures of Superman), Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers), Danny Trejo (Machete), Harley Quinn Smith (Yoga Hosers), Brian O Halloran (Clerks), Edmund Kingsley (Capsule), Vinnie Jones (Gone In 60 Seconds), Matt Willis (Allies) Gina Carano (Deadpool) and fan favourite Kevin Smith all in a single film (thats not even counting the wonderful cameo role by the films producer Dominic Burns as Detective Petersen)  This is easily my favourite cast of recent years and in the near 100 minutes run time. The story gives every one of these some wonderful scene stealing screen time, whether is be Matt Willis’s brilliant role as casting director Anthony Costalino who is pretty much the films launch pad and sets the rest of the adventure on its path to the end credits. Whilst Matt may well be known most famously for his musical talent in the group Busted, Im such a fan of his acting work so this will not be the least we see Mr Willis in a narrative film.

Madness In The Method tiptoes the line of over the top, zany performances and Entourage style Hollywood filmmaking storytelling wonderfully and whilst actors play themselves, we do realise that they aren’t really playing themselves but are in fact playing a loving parody of who we think they are. Great examples are Danny Trejo,Dean Cain and  Vinnie Jones who all demand your attention anything they are on screen, no matter who they are sharing the scenes with. This film must have been a blast to make. I for one am super envious of everyone of the cast and crew on this one that’s for sure.

But for those who think that this is a full detour for Jason Mewes and the roles we love him for, you will get more than enough of the Jay you love in this film with so many references to the View Askew world that it will make the many fans of his work with Kevin Smith, smile with glee.Like the previously mentioned Danny,Dean and Vinnie, Jason does play himself, but souped up version and hyper alternate version of the man we think he is. He does that , to perfection all the while whilst directing Madness In The Method, his feature directing debut (but if the movie gods are listening then this won’t be the last time he sits in the directing chair)

Often when you watch a first time director doing their film, you can tell that there is something raw, something new, something early in the director’s career that is playing out in front of you. With Madness In The Method, Jason Mewes has directed a film like he has been doing it for several movies, like he has learned all the rules and tweaks them to his advantage to help further this 100 minute adventure that he takes us on.

FrightFest presented the European Premiere of Madness in the Method and the film will be available to watch soon on platforms and formats of your choice. I for one cant recommend it highly enough.



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