British indie Rupert, Rupert and Rupert releases trailer ( #movies )

Rupert is a struggling actor, Rupert is struggling to find love, and Rupert is struggling to know who he is in bittersweet British
drama Rupert, Rupert & Rupert, which is set for its world premiere this spring with a limited theatrical and digital
release thanks to Substantial Films.

Sandy Batchelor (Othello and The Captain of Kopenick – National Theatre) takes the lead in a jaw- dropping turn as a budding actor trying to navigate life with dissociative identity disorder (aka multiple personality disorder) that will have you laughing, crying, and hiding behind a cushion.

This rollercoaster ride follows budding actor Rupert Lindsay (Sandy Batchelor) who is desperate to get his big break in acting,
but there’s one slight problem: he keeps having angry and lascivious outbursts and he can never remember what he did,
what he said or even who he hurt. A chance audition puts him in front of failed film director Geoffrey Morton (Ben
Porter – Casualty, The Bill), whose last hope in the industry rests on finding a star who can effectively portray the lead in
‘The Fatal Blasphemy of Jeremiah Ulysses’s Boundless Rage.’

Rupert’s angry outbursts have never looked so good, but his psychotherapist Angus (Adam Astill – Unforgotten, Eastenders)
wouldn’t agree. Trying to keep his disorder in check, Angus is concerned about how Rupert will cope with the pressure of
having the success of the play resting on him losing control.
Romance is in the air when Rupert falls for make-up artist Stevie (Daisy Keeping – Holby City, Humans), but which Rupert is
she in love with? Rupert is confronted with a choice between his career, his love life, and his mental health…luckily there’s
three of him to deal with it.

The film is written and directed by British father and son duo Mick and Tom Sands (Backtrack, The Holly Kane Experiment,
False Witness). Lead actor Sandy Batchelor and director Tom Sands have just commenced another collaboration on an
exciting new film, All Out based on Neil Drysdale’s book Dad’s Army – How Freuchie Took Cricket by Storm. It tells the
unbelievable but true story of a cricket team from a small village in Scotland that triumphed at Lord’s in the National Village
Cup in 1985.
The Rupert team worked closely with a veteran psychotherapist, who consulted on the script and advised the cast to ensure
an accurate portrayal of the disorder. This bold exploration of living with mental illness is perfect for indie lovers, theatre
lovers and everyone in between.

Rupert, Rupert & Rupert arrives in cinemas 26 April 2019 and on digital Amazon Video, iTunes and GooglePlay.

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