Backtrace starring Sylvester Stallone ( @TheSlyStallone ) On Digital HD and DVD January 2019

Jumping straight in with the violent conclusion to a heist gone wrong, Backtrace wastes no time in setting up the chessboard of its mystery. From the excitement of its frantic firefights to the shocking discoveries made at every turn, once the adrenaline has started pumping, it doesn’t stop until the credits are rolling!

Matthew Modine brings a compelling authenticity to a man who without his memories, is now less a criminal mastermind, and more a pleasant man simply wishing to know the crime he is being punished for. Presenting him with an offer he can’t refuse, Pretty Little Liars alumni Ryan Guzman demonstrates how he has become such a rising star. Guzman’s charismatic performance attracts the attention of every scene he’s in, expertly using even subtle gestures that prove valuable clues to his character’s true intentions.

When their plan attracts the attention of the law, however, Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone is on the case. Rather than writing the action star as a gun-toting raging bull, Stallone is cleverly deployed as a no-nonsense detective who, after years on the case, is like a cobra holding in its anger until the best moment to strike – and you’ll definitely want to see what happens when he does!

Backtrace invites us to connect with and share the experiences of a man struggling to regain lost memories even on a technical level. Eerie music pieces are invaluable in translating the disorientated confusion at a now unfamiliar world, while the seismic shaking of cameras prove a visually intense window into the head-splitting pain each recollection incurs.

Backtrace is so dedicated to helping us walk in the characters’ shoes that, not only do we witness events as mere bystanders, but seeing certain sequences replay in the first person is an exciting experience that lends us their eyes as well.

With exciting rising talent and certified stars alike caught in an action-packed thriller, surprises wait around every corner.  Backtrace is a head worth getting into!

On Digital HD from 7th January 2019

On DVD from 14th January 2019

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