Voting is now Open. Please Vote for FromPage2Screen.Com in the UK Blog Awards

Ive spent …a long time doing what I do, not only with but with my Social Media channels, and of course the very long running audio podcasts (which have now been added to Spotify) and I love what I do. I dont monitize any of my sites (I removed all ads from the content on my YouTube channel when they decided to slap a ‘you must have at least 1000 subscribers to be able to make a few pennies from your content’ and even this site doesnt run adverts. I dont have a Patreon or Sponsors for my podcasts. I do what I do because I love doing it, it makes me feel good but more importantly I know that it helps the filmmakers I write about, the films I write about and every other creative soul who gets a mention on this site, gain that bigger audience that they deserve. In short. I have really enjoyed hosting and writing for and long may that continue.

Last month I was super impressed that I had been nominated for a UK Blog Award. What are the UK Blog Awards? Well its kind of self explanatory really but as good as I am woth words, I will let their official site tell you what the UK Blog Awards are all about .

The mission of The UK Blog Awards is to recognise the unique and resonant nature of the Internet community – from bloggers to Social Influencers and through organisations and individual creators. The UK Blog Awards is the most prestigious, and the only, multi-industry awards honoring online excellence. 

Now in its sixth year, The UK Blog Awards continues to celebrate the most resonant and engaging content creators in the UK, those inside and outside of the prevailing trends.

Now for some reason I am nominated. Perhaps the UK Blog Awards love movies, especially indie films, perhaps they love the interviews I host, or perhaps they are just quite simply. Movie Geeks through and through. Whatever reason I find myself nominated for the award. Im totally cool with that. But now the fun bit begins.

The Voting.


Voting is open until December 21st and is a really easy process. So easy in fact I managed to vote for myself and now I ask you for your help, and your votes. 1 vote per person, and just follow these super simple steps to cast your vote for my site, which will put a great smile on my face, and encourage me even ,more to help support filmmakers, authors, musicians, video games, podcasts, and everyone else that fancies having some great content hosted on my site.

How To Vote



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