My Memory of Stan Lee. #stanlee

Even people who arent too familiar with the world of comics, will know the name of Stan Lee. They might know him from the Marvel movies, or perhaps even from the Lego Games, but more than likely they will know his name because they will have friends who have spoken the name of one of the most legendary character creators of all time. To list the characters Stan brought to the world, you would need an arm longer than Reed Richards but the chances are, if you get someone to make a bunch of super heroes, then Stan Lee created a massive portion of them Spiderman, Fantastic Four, X Men, Ant Man, Doctor Strange. the list carries on and on and on.

Sadly today the life of Stan Lee entered a sad turn as he was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after suffering a medical emergency, and was declared dead shortly afterwards. RIP Stan Lee.

Whilst the timelines of social media are filled with peoples messages about Stan, and ive seen dozens of selfie pics featuring Stan and whoever shared the picture, I wanted to share my own memory of Stan Lee which sadly doesn’t include a selfie picture, but is nevertheless a fun and happy memory I have.

When I attended San Diego Comic Con in 2016, I went with video cameras in hand, and was filming the final sequences for my documentary ‘Experiencing Comic Con’ One day I was taking a tour of the exhibit floor and whilst we all know or have heard that the floor is crazy busy. I was still able to navigate the crowds without any major issue. Until. Yep Until the crowd just turned into a solid wall of people and large security men shouted at the crowd to ‘move along, keep moving’ There were literally hundreds of people who just weren’t moving.

The reason for the wall of people was Mr Stan Lee, who was behind a desk, surrounded by staff, and who appeared to be signing autographs. The crowd that did not move, weren’t in a line, they weren’t waiting for signatures or weren’t even waiting to meet Stan The Man, but just wanted to see him. To be able to go home to their friends and family and say ‘ I saw Stan Lee’ (which is exactly what I did) So whilst I walked very very very slowly through the crowd, I held my camera up high and captured Stan The Man on film. Here I was, a UK filmmaker who had his very own film feature a Stan Lee cameo in it.

Even over two years later, I still sit and think WOW, I saw Stan Lee. He didn’t see me, but I saw him and that is my memory of Stan Lee.

He shall be missed, but has led such a fun filled life and left a legendary set of characters who will forever speak his name. Rip Mr Lee.

Head to timestamp 1hr 29: 20 seconds to see the cameo by the man himself


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