Charisma Carpenter ( @AllCharisma ) in MAIL ORDER MONSTER – available On Demand this November

Whilst perhaps best known for her legendry roles in the Joss Whedon shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer., and Angel. Charisma Carpenter has such a fantastic filmography beyond the world of the vampire and includes such hits as The Expendables (and its sequel), Charmed, and Veronica Mars, and shes back in this insanely wonderful looking film Mail Order Monster alongside Josh Hopkins (“Cougar Town”, “Quantico”)  and Madison Horcher (Adventures in Babysitting)

After witnessing her mother’s death 3 years ago with her best friend PJ (played by Emma Rayne Lyle) in the car, 12 year old Sam Pepper (played by Madison Horcher) has never been able to move on. Her reclusive nature and nerd table membership leaves Sam an easy target for bullying. Trauma and puberty cause Sam and PJ to not only grow apart but become rivals.

PJ bullies Sam through ostracizing and humiliating her in front of their classmates. As Sam watches the school laugh at her through the slits of her locker, she realizes she’s had enough. Sam orders the parts to build a “Monster” from a comic book ad, and is finally able to give PJ a taste of her own medicine.

Finally, her life’s changing for the better. When her father, Roy ( Josh Hopkins), reveals he proposed to his girlfriend, Sydney Hart (Charisma Carpenter) , Sam sees just how much her life’s about to change. Unable to face the state of her family, Sam relies on her monster to keep her from getting a new mom.

Written by Paulina Laguidi and Marc Prey.

Described by some as a mashup of E.T andThe Iron Giant, the film can be viewed  on Digital November 6 from Clay Epstein’s Film Mode Entertainment. and looks like a wonderfully entertaining film.

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