Patron ( @patronshortfilm ) , the tale of an interview for a prestigious job that turns awkward and uncomfortable by the minute #indiegogo

Vickie Black is young and hungry, though working as a maid in London, but she has her sights set far higher…

After successfully landing an interview for a prestigious job at an age-old, unscrupulous organisation it looks like Vickie might be on the verge of hitting the big time.

She goes in positive, but the questions from her faceless male interviewers soon become predatory and the atmosphere grows more awkward and uncomfortable by the minute.

This is the premise of Patron ,a female-centric film, with a female lead, and will therefore be brought to you by a female-led crew, including co-director, producer and cinematographer, with more announcements coming soon.

Currently crowdfunding on the Indiegogo platform, Patron are seeking £5000 and have 8 days left to raise the remaining £3375 (at the time of me typing this) and they need your help but also your donations. If you cant donate, then share, retweet and spread the word for this talented bunch of individuals who together will make this great looking film.

Here are some of the crew.

Emily Haigh   Producer/Co-Director

Award-Winning Actress and Producer Emily Haigh is the Co-Director/Producer of Patron and was recently awarded the ‘One To Watch’ award at the Unrestricted View Film Festival.

Emily recently completed “Beautified”, her third short film as writer/director/producer which has already picked up awards including ‘Best Short Film’ and ‘Best Producer.’


Alon Young  Writer/Co-Director

As a former high school teacher who taught in deprived inner city areas, Alon is keen on tackling projects which carry strong social messages and that are backed up by a diverse cast and crew and Patron fits this bill perfectly.

His  cinematic influences include Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa and David Lynch, as well as many classical artists, but he is keen to push the medium forward, trying new cinematic techniques to enhance the themes and drama of his films.

You can find out more about the film, and of course donate to the Patron campaign by hitting the Indiegogo logo below Every pound or dollar helps and edges this film closer to its finish line, so that it can begin the next stage of production

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