One of the last surviving members of the Kray twins’ London underworld FRED, on Digital NOW and DVD 4 June from Lionsgate

Former London gangster Freddie Foreman is nearing the end of his life. A heavyweight villain with an unbelievably bloody past, Freddie is the last living legend of the Krays’ London underworld. A ruthless criminal, still feared and revered to this day. Freddie now lives in a retirement home: alone with only the memories of his former crimes to look back on and here he shares some of those stories in a memorizing feature length documentary. Such a fascinating look at British history, and a legendary era and figure, but when you hear the stories coming from the man himself, it puts on a whole new experience. Definitely check this documentary out.
With strained family relations and increasing health issues, Freddie finally tells all and revisits his old haunts in an attempt to understand what pushed him towards a life of crime. From his impoverished childhood, to traumatic memories of the Blitz and WWII, Freddie is a fascinating character study. Can a man accused of over forty murders, known as the Godfather of London, really find redemption?

Courtesy of Lionsgate and Witchfinder, you are in with a chance to win this wonderfully enlightening documentary on DVD and with a simple email and a not too difficult question, the correctly answered emails will be placed in a folder and 3 random winners will be picked out to win the film on DVD. All entrants must be from the UK (due to DVD region coding) and all entries must be in by June 10th 2018 Simple email with the answer to the following question. Which wonderful character actor is related to Fred Foreman? 

For those who dont win the DVD from this competition, you can order the DVD here Amazon



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