Investigating ‘How to be Human’ a short film by @brunocentofanti ( @HTBHFilm ) #supportindiefilm

This weekend I sat down and watched a wonderful short film. How To Be Human, and here are my thoughts.
The world is a mess, and in this wonderful short film ‘How To Be Human’ we dont learn why, but we dont need to learn why.. We are given a snapshot into an unpleasant world that we recognise especially with the refugee crisis being a focus on most news programs.
One of the characters in this short film by Bruno Centofanti.utters the line ‘fuel not food’ when referring to an apple. This single line brilliantly sums up the world within the film.
and whilst there are sci fi elements to this 14 minute short film, there doesnt have to be, this film works wonderfully as a film about the world we live in today. The world of people trying to survive on their instincts, taking what they can, when they can and from whom they choose. 
If there is a downside to this film then its the running time. From within minutes the film had its claws in me and I wanted to see more,  It reminded me of films such as Children of Men, or 28 Days Later, a world that is so grim and unforgiving, yet for a film fan, there is no more exciting world to view from our safe seats in our warm living rooms. The cast and crew have done a wonderful thing by making this film, now I get to be the impatient viewer and hope that either the story continues with more short films, or the movie gods smile and How To Be Human becomes a feature film or a TV series.
Do check out ‘How To Be Human’ if you get the chance.
Sophie Kennedy Clark, (Philomena, Nymphomaniac Vol 1 and 2 )
Frances Ruffelle (Devils Tower)
 Louise Salter (Suspect, Scarred)

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