A chat with Marcia Do Vales ( @MarciaDoVales ) #movies #supportindiefilm

It must be around two years ago now, since I attended one of my first ever ‘press nights’  It was in London at the wonderfully creepy London Tombs, and the film event being held there was a night to show off to some press individuals, what would then turn into the film ‘The Tombs:Rise Of The Damned.an independent British horror film that I had heard about. The evening was wonderful and I met lots of new people whos names I knew, and met lots of new people whose names I wasn’t familiar with at the time but now am, having followed their careers . I remember as I wandered through the gathering of people, this man and woman. They both had this super important ‘aura’ about them, (and I dont mean that in a bad way, they just stood out). It wasn’t until I returned home and went back onto social media that I realised that the woman was in fact actress Marcia Do Vales, who I would then see in films through the past couple of years including Deranged, How Top Stop Being A Loser, and The Reverand.  Sadly I didn’t get to speak to her that evening but recently I had the wonderful opportunity to send over some questions to her and she wonderfully took the time to answer. Also many thanks to Greg Day for arranging it. Greg, you are a star!  Of course my gratitude to Marcia for taking the time out to answer these few questions..

Marcia is  an actress, a producer, and a writer and is a seriously hard working creative talent. Her up and coming films include Ibiza Undead, and the soon to be filming Quail Hollow. So lets learn a little bit about Marcia.

Brighton, UK on 14/10/2016: Marcia Do Vales

Is there a film that you think back on that caused you to think ‘Oh that’s what I want to do. I want to make films”

Since I was a child I wanted to be in films. Every time my brother and I watched an exciting movie, we used to re-create the scenes afterwards. Especially the violent ones. He still has a scar on his face to prove it. Sorry Marcio!

From comedy film ‘How To Stop Being A Loser” (by Dominic Burn) to the insane horror film Deranged. What are your fondest memories of those films? and with regards to Deranged, do you feel there was a most difficult challenge on a film like that? You were amazingly hyper active on that one…

‘How To Stop Being A Loser’ was my first ever feature so of course I remember it fondly. I played opposite Craig Conway and we improvised the whole scene I was in so it was a bit nerve-racking but he is a very generous actor and made it easy for me. Thanks Craig! I will always remember Dominic for taking time with me on such a small scene. He wanted every moment to be the best it could be but he is also extremely charming. ‘Deranged’ is very special to me as I put that film together during my second year of film school, with some of my closest friends. Most of the crew were my film school colleagues. Shooting a feature film was a dream which became a reality in a summer camp atmosphere. The big challenge was working as producer as well as acting in a language which was new to me at the time. Templeheart Films were supporting the whole movie, so I had serious pressure to deliver.

Brighton, UK on 14/10/2016: Marcia Do Vales

Some people might not be familiar with it, but what can people look forward to the most about  Get Ready 4 Rio? The web series you wrote and appear in.

‘Get Ready 4 Rio’ was my own little addition to the Olympics which were held in Brasil recently. The first idea for this project came from my friend and writer Michael Hurley, and to this I added a character, had a bit of fun, some good laughs and did my best to introduce a little bit of  Brasilian culture to the world.  I hope people who watch it have some fun, like I did and come away knowing something about Brasil that they didn’t before.


Let’s talk Quail Hollow. Now I know the film is about secrecy, but what can you tell us about it? (no spoilers though Marcia!!!)

This is a role that I am extremely excited about. I get to play twin sisters and it will be extremely challenging, for sure. We are shooting in New Orleans, which gives us the most fantastic environment for a supernatural thriller. My character has got to find out what happened to her sister and uncovers a lot more than she bargained for.  Quail Hollow is not a place where you want to be…

Marcia Do Vales at Brighton, UK, 14/10/2016 : . Picture by Julie Edwards

How does Marcia Do Vales relax?

When I’m not writing producing, acting and doing Crossfit, 5 times a week? I love to push my limits! Riding my bike around London, going to the theatre. I have  also been known to enjoy a nice glass of red wine on the weekend, preferably with a good script in hand.

With your amazing talent in looking after yourself in Deranged, and dealing with Zombies in Ibiza Undead.  What would be your tactic if an actual zombie outbreak did occur?

Hmm…do you think Uber would be working? I like the idea from ‘Shaun of the Dead’, where they act like zombies themselves to blend in. You could get away with anything and go anywhere then. Give myself time to assess the situation and come up with a fool proof (Ha!) action plan.


As a film fan I have so many filmmakers that I adore. ho are two or three film makers that you are a huge fan of? And what would be your films of choice by them?

Shyamalan, for sure.  I love the twists and surprises n his films. In the ‘The Sixth Sense’ I had no clue regarding the surprise at the end of the film. Alejandro Amenabar, loved his elegant and creepy ‘The Others’. And I’m a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick who could direct, produce, edit and so much more.  My favourite of his is ‘The Shining’

Finally, what was one of the highlights of 2016 for you? And what are you looking forward to the most about 2017?

It is hard to choose just one thing. Templeheart Films kept me very busy in 2016. We completed filming of ‘Heretiks’ directed by Paul Hyett. We also delivered ‘Ibiza Undead’ and went to Horror Channel Frightfest and Sitges Film Festivals with the premieres. I appeared in a new movie, ‘The Tombs’, all shot inside The London Bridge Experience and ‘Get Ready For Rio’ went online. For this year, ‘Ibiza Undead’ is scheduled to be released in UK on 20th March through Soda Pictures. ‘Heretiks’ should be delivered and released this year. Shooting ‘Quail Hollow’ in New Orleans with Javier De Prado directing me and finally, Mark Sandell & I are producing  ‘The Foreseen’ with Ben Franklyn and Anthony Melton (the Bloody Cuts guys), also in Louisiana, USA.  Will I have any time for party in 2017? It doesn’t look like it!

Marcia Do Vales at Brighton, UK, 14/10/2016 : . Picture by Julie Edwards


Shooting on ‘Quail Hollow’ commences early Spring 2017.


Photographs of Marcia taken by the wonderful Julie Edwards.

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