Checking out California Winter ( @caliwinterfilm ) #supportindiefilm

A companion piece to the very topical, award-winning triumph The Big Short ( though, as opposed to it, this is seen through the eyes of ‘the people’) California Winter– available now from Indie Rights – and tells of an ambitious young real estate agent who must fight to save her integrity and her father’s home from foreclosure when the risky loan she advised him on send his home into foreclosure. Whilst it doesnt sound like a feel good film, and in many ways its not a feel good film. California Winter is a very well put together film, that tells of a story that has either affected us in one way or another or at least affected someone we know. Its a very scary thing to lose a home, or find yourself with out of control debts and California Winter takes this and uses it in about as humanity driven way as it can. Leaving you with a feeling at the end of not only trying to make sure your own life is in order, but also reminding you that you might have friends who will need your help one day.

Clara selling

I know, I know this sounds like some sort of school lesson but I am so glad I watched California Winter, not just because its a film that educates you, but also its such a nice change to watch a film that doesnt have car chases, gun fights, a heavy soundtrack, major plot twists and a budget the size of a mortgage. California Winter is a film about people, and the lives they lead. Definitely a film worth watching.

Golden Globe Winner Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) features alongside Michael Ironside (The Flash), A Martinez (Longmire), Rutina Wesley (True Blood), Walter Perez (The Avengers), Erik Avari (Hachi : A Dog’s Tale), Michael Ironside (Turbo Kid) and Elizabeth Dominguez in an Odin Ozdil film.


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