Anna Unbound screens soon at festivals #supportindiefilm

You can run away from your country, but not from your past


Anna Unbound will be screened at 3.30pm on the 23rd February as part of Film Fest International, London and at 3pm on
20th March in the North Hollywood Cinefest.

Anna Unbound is a psychological thriller that explores the tension created when moving to a new country and how to deal with a traumatic past.

Set and filmed in Glasgow,Scotland and Athens,Greece, Anna Unbound is an ambitious project with
international reach touching upon contemporary topics in Europe and beyond.

Anna Unbound has already been nominated for five awards including best director,
best leading actress and best screenplay More to come Im sure..

This is the first feature film by Bernd Porr starring his long term collaborator Vasso Georgiadou with screenwriter Martin Brocklebank. The idea for the film emerged from the highly successful short Cut Free and from visits by Bernd Porr to Greece witnessing the economic crisis that was widely reported in the news and with this as a backdrop Anna emerged, struggling to cope with her past having moved to a new country. Anna is powerfully portrayed by Vasso Georgiadou.

You will hear more about Anna Unbound soon but for now I wanted to get some information about the project out there for you to read. You can check out more on the film by hitting the following links.

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