Zombies Assemble. Your desire to be undead.

Never mind Avengers Assemble, How about Zombie Extras Assemble


So it seems the undead are very much alive especially when it comes to the amount of UK films and TV programmes that are zombie related at the moment, With ‘Being Human’, ’28 Days Later’ ‘In the Flesh’, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and the awesome ‘Cockneys vs Zombies’ and the recent zombie commercia.l Producer Johnny Lynch noticed that this genre if anything is increasing. So with that in mind it gave him another idea to add to his ever growing plans

So with that Johnny Lynch have bought the domain for www.zombieextras.com and www.zombieextras.co.uk for a new film he and his co-workers are doing but also it will be a dedicated supporting artist agency that will specialise in zombies.


The sites have had over 1000 people join through networking recently and quietly in the background and so the site is now live. There is an email address on the front page of the site with details on how you can get involved as a member of the undead.

Is it a great idea ? Well here is Johnny reply.

Johnny: Well who knows but what I do know is that it will put us in a good place for anything TV & Film zombie related in the future which was my thoughts on setting this up so go to my new business Zombie Extras and its holding page at www.zombieextras.co.uk to get involved.

I have had so many people saying to me ‘Id love to have been a Zombie’ in FilmX. Well now with Johnny Lynch’s latest project. You could well get your chance.



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