Who will our spotlight shine on next?

Earlier this week,I put fingers to keyboard and hammered out my thoughts on Mr Danny Dyer as I opened the ‘British Star Spotlight’ set of articles with easily one of the most recognizable names in the British film world. Who hasnt heard of Danny Dyer, course you all have. If you hadnt (and Im speaking to anyone outside of mainland UK) then check out that article and learn a bit more about the man, the legend Mr Danny Dyer.


But who should the spotlight shine on next? Its not a competition. Itll never become a game of ‘one-up-man-ship. Its not about that, its not about whos first or who is last. Its about one man, or one woman and one article. A spotlight on a name that you might recognise or you might not. Sure its very cool to have a ton of people reading up on the great Danny Dyer, its also about talking about people whos name you might not know, but their films you might.

I made a list several weeks ago with at least a dozen names on it.  So which awesome figure is next.  Well as a tease. Im giving a photo to you. No name. Just a photo.

Until the article appears after the weekend.Enjoy!!!



Anyone care to email me the above chappies name. Lets see how good you are.



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