The latest Movie Show episode by FromPage2Screen

Well my day job is pretty damn busy at the minute but never one to (hopefully) neglect my passion for movies, I have just uploaded the latest episode of The Movie Show Podcast.

There wasnt one last week, instead I uploaded Episode IV of The British Movie Show which I hope you enjoyed, It guest starred a fellow podcast and a fellow UK person Stuart Miller who is a co host of The Monday Movie Show podcast. Thanks to Stuart for the mention in his most recent episode by the way. Always nice to have one of those.

This weeks Movie Show episode runs a little longer at 93 minutes (thats one hour thirty two for those who cant be bothered to work that out (oh trust me ive had those questions)  This episode has myself (Stuart), Anthony Alex and Simon Hanson on board as we chat about the films we have watched. We avoid spoilers on the James Bond film Skyfall, and then tangent into whats going on or rather what SHOULD go on with the new Disney/Lucasfilm brainwave.

We save Disney a lot of time as Anthony and myself offer to sit on the board at the company and help steer them into wonderful territory.

For those who dont have Itunes, or Stitcher. You can right click on the link below to download the show and listen on whatever device you wish (including the PC you are reading this one.

Enjoy! Hopefully.

Right Click here and select Save As

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