Cockneys V Zombies : Written by @JamesMoran

Id heard about this film from blogs, tweets and press releases.

When I first heard the title, I’d connected the film with Strippers V Werewolves Of course those two films are unconnected other than the similar format in titles. What then sparked my attention and kept Cockneys v Werewolves (Ill refer to it as CvZ from time to time ) was the writing credit of James Moran. James had written a film that I really love called Severance . So it was with great pleasure (I hoped) that a few days ago I purchased the DVD from my day job workplace and spent the first couple of hours of a day off, watching Cvz.

There will be comparisons to that other British Zombie film. Shaun of the Dead. But with its basic premise, this is where I feel the film connections end

Whereas Shaun of the Dead is a rom com set in the world of a zombie apocalypse. CvZ is an out and out comedy with scenes in it that made me laugh out loud.

I wont go into spoilers, theres no need. Everyone knows with comedies if you share what you saw in words, then its just not as funny as watching the scenes themselves.

The casting is brilliant in this film, especially with the move of casting Alan Ford

Alan Ford excelled in the film ‘Snatch’ and Alan Ford excels in CvZ also, hamming it up in his role as Ray, the Grandfather to the two main characters (if in fact this film has two main characters, it is in fact more of an ensemble cast list)

Also heading up the cast and familiar to those who watched BBC soap opera Eastenders a few years ago or who saw the ill fated Bionic Woman series from 2007 is Michelle Ryan, who does a kick ass job of playing Katy.

One thing that struck me is that its great to see films like this and on thinking about it a lot of British films having the women figures in films not just being scream queens. In this film, Katy can handle a machine gun as well as (and in some cases far better) than any of the male characters. Also the old age pensioners are  more than capable of dealing out death(again) to the hordes of Zombies, whereas in American films, the pensioners and the women might be holed up in a warehouse waiting for tough men to come and rescue them.

Id urge you to check out Cockneys V Zombies (CvZ). If you want a funny film, if you want some escapism. There are far worse things you can do.

The ONLY downside to this and this is more to do with the DVD production than anything else is the lack of a commentary by the filmmakers or writers. Id love to have heard about the production of the film. The creation of comedy films often have the best tales to share and its a shame there was no chat track on this one. But that gripe has nothing to do with the 90 minutes of storyline that this blog is about.

Back in January I watched a film that until now was ‘the funniest film I had seen in 2012’

This film may just have knocked that off its stool.

Check it out and show the world what happens if Zombies ever to decide to really take over the East End of London.

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