What happened to Michael Dudikoff?

One of the first action films I remember watching on VHS in 1985(ish) was the awesome American Ninja,starring Michael Dudikoff & Steve James.


Pretty sure that if I rewatched that film nowdays it wouldn’t stand the test of time, but for the 14 year old me, watching it in ’85 it was great stuff.

Telling the story of erm a Ninja who was an American, Michael Dudikoff played the title role Joe T Armstrong, the US Ninja taking on mercenaries in the Phillipines.

Minimal storyline, maximum ass-kickings, this film went onto spawn sequels. Not one, but four sequels with the latest one being released in 1993.

Michael Dudikoff however only starred in Parts 1, 2 & 4.


With over 54 titles on his IMDB Page


His last appearance was in 2002 and nothing since.

So what happened to Michael Dudikoff?

Well he is still alive.



He does have a website


Married, 2 Children 2 Dogs and supposedly is mentoring other actors The latest blog entry on his blog, which youll find here

http://www.michael-dudikoff.com/blog/ is from February 19th 2013

and begins with this paragraph.

Being on the set of comedic webisode, Zombie Break Room, as an executive producer and an actor taught me a lot of new things. More than anything else, it helped me realize what most of my cronies and colleagues have repeated over and over: The business has changed.

So come back Michael Dudikoff. Pick up that phone and call Stallone, booking your place in The Expendables 4. You know it makes sense.

As an added note. Michael Dudikoff is also on Twitter. (2016)


I hope that if MIchael ever glances at this article, he realises that it began several years ago. Before He infact joined Twitter. October 2012 was when I first asked the question. What Happened to Michael Dudikoff?


michael dudikoff

We would love to see you there.

But until that day. Here are some trailers my favourite Dudikoff film

American Ninja

I also found a very cool Q & A with the man himself.

It runs for 48 minutes but its pretty good fun.

25 thoughts on “What happened to Michael Dudikoff?

  1. when i first wash his movie i loved him and then i was so shocked when i saw his age&that his married but i what i need now is to learn how to let go,but to be honest iam happy for u micheal Dudikoff goodluck&take care of ur wife &kid


  2. When i first watched ur movie i taught u were still single &all i wanted by then was to mary u in future right from when i was 13 to 16 and then i found out that u married with two kids it realy hurt but then since l want u t b happy i forget itluvu


  3. Loved Michael!!! I am still watching American ninja but esp. AvengingForce. I think I watch it almost every night. Plus he is so nice to look at!!! I am 60 and he still has a part of me. A girl can dream!!! Even as his age now he looks hot!!! I am so sorry about Steve James. You two were perfect together!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Micheal Is Too Gud To Stop Acting Cos His Movies Give Me Joy And Never Bored Even If U Continue Watching It D Whole Day ” I Feel U Micheal (joe Armstrong)”


  4. Michael Dudikoff and Steve James collaboration end friendship is owe some. What happened to Patricia after saving her from the hands of Victor?(American ninja one)


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