Interview with filmmaker @DavidLGHughes

Last week I spent a wonderful hour talking to a man called David LG Hughes.

He loves movies as much as I do, actually he might enjoy it more seeing as this man actually writes, produces and directs them.

Today I uploaded the interview to the FromPage2screen Itunes, Stitcher and Spreaker Feeds.

I dont need to give a filmography or a page long biography of David LG Hughes but I urge you and recommend that if you have an interest in film, either making them, writing them or just watching great films. Then do check out the interview.

We chat about some behind the scenes goings on with his film, his past, his present and his future.

If, once youve listened to the interview you want to send David a message, you can find him on Twitter @DavidLGHughes

Below, is the Itunes link for those in the USA. Click on it and look for the Interview with David Hughes episode. Click it, you know you want to.

Once youve checked it out, then I also highly recommend the film that we chat about now on Video On Demand in the USA.

‘Hard Boiled Sweets’

Here is the trailer for the film. What do you think?

Itunes Link to The Movie Show Episodes

For those of you who dont use Itunes or Stitcher or even Spreaker. I have uploaded the audio podcast to YouTube and placed the show here in the window below this text. Enjoy and please do leave feedback.

On an added note. This interview is a launch of a new series of Podcast episodes brought to you by FromPage2Screen which will focus purely on the British film industry, up and coming British Indie films and conversations with British artists.

Watch this space.

—> yes this one.

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